The Best Dive Spots in Thailand from Fully Qualified Divers

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Who are We?

Dive Thailand is an organisation of professional divers based within the U.K. who are passionate about helping divers find their perfect destination in Thailand and its surrounding islands. Put simply, we want you to know where to go, where to dive and where to stay for the best experiences.

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Dive Thailand have three core diving island locations that we know and love - each with their own unique qualities. Our islands are KOH CHANG, KOH TAO and KOH SAMUI.

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Exploring Thailand

We love Thailand, but not just for its beautiful dive spots. We want you to enjoy your dive holiday to its full potential, so why not check out what else there is to do?

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Koh Tao

"Turtle island" with white sandy beaches and steep hills...


Koh Samui

Think coconut gorves, plush rainforests and palm fringed beaches


Koh Chang

Jungle hiking, relaxing sandy beaches and a haven for wildlife


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